When we move house there are certain things that not even Galamas can do for you.

Here are a few simple and practical tips on moving house that will make the whole process easier, reducing the associated hassle.

Our advice is valid for national and international removals.

  1. Book your move well in advance – 20 days for a national move, 30 days for an international move.
  2. Do not book your move for a holiday or day of local festivities.
  3. Whenever you need cleaning, fumigation, painting services, etc., consult Galamas as we can help you to find a good solution.
  • 15 days before
    Indicate your new address to the Television, Internet and Telephone service provider, as well as to the Electricity, Water and Gas companies. Reserve your plane tickets and hotel.
  • 14 days before
    Have the water and electricity connected in your new residence. Go to the Consulate or Embassy to obtain information on the country / city where you will be moving to. Ask for “Birth Certificates” and other documents that can only be obtained in this country.
  • 13 days before
    Change your insurance policy on your house. Put your passports, visas and other documents necessary for travelling to one side and do not forget to get the documents you ask for yesterday.
  • 12 days before
    Notify the landlord and the doorman of the new residence of the day of your move. Check that the documents related with your children’s schools are in order.
  • 11 days before
    Take your car to the garage. Check that the car documents are in order. If you do not intend to take the car, deal with selling it or finding someone who will keep it.
  • 10 days before
    Start to use up the stocks of food that you have stored. Separate the clothes you will need when you reach your new residence.
  • 9 days before
    Make a list of the clothes and objects that you are not going to take. Make a list of the medicine for the trip. Ask the Water, Electricity, Telephone and Gas companies to cut these services off after you leave.
  • 8 days before
    Place all your papers, documents, certificates, etc. in a suitcase and separate them from all the rest. Get a technician to switch off machines, parabolic antennas, etc..
  • 7 days before
    Transfer your bank accounts and remove what you have in the bank’s safe. Put your valuables in a safe place. Look for a restaurant for your meals during the move.
  • 6 days before
     If you are not going to your new residence on the same day as the move, confirm your hotel reservations. Check everything you have to do before leaving the country and everything you have to do when you reach your new residence. Confirm the dates that you agreed with Galamas for the arrival of your belongings. Ask Galamas for the contact of the destination agent.
  • 5 days before
     Separate the bed clothes, table clothes and all articles that you will need when you arrive at the new residence. Start to prepare your travel bags (clothes, medicine, toiletries, etc.). If you are taking animals with you, check what is necessary for their entry in the destination country. Look for a member of your family or a friend to take care of your children on the day of the move.
  • 4 days before
    Separate the clothes you are going to take with you on the journey. Start to switch off machines (electrical installations and plumbing). Check the requisites necessary to import your car into the destination country.
  • 3 days before
    Check all the points on this list of “Tips”- if you have forgotten anything then deal with that now. Check if the electrical devices including TV work in your new residence.
  • 2 days before
    Separate the most fragile items such as glass, and mark them with the word “Fragile”. Separate cleaning materials (brooms, vacuum cleaner, buckets, cleaning products, etc.) so they can be used at the end of packing.
  • 1 day before
    Finish packing your personal belongings but do not forget to separate passports, visas, etc.
    Empty and clean the refrigerator and defrost the freezer at least 24h before the move. Also clean the oven.
    Prepare to take your passports, plane tickets and hotel reservations with you. If one part of your belongings is going to be transported separately from the rest (e.g. some by ship and some by plane), separate these packages and place them in another room.
    Jewellery, collection pieces and works of art should be transported by the customer. If this is not possible, you should ask Galamas to provide a special box for this purpose. Do not forget any of these objects inside the furniture and check that they are duly kept under lock and key.


Day of the Move

Be available or ask someone to be present during the move to answer any doubts that Galamas’ staff may have and give them any last minute instructions.

Accompany the person in charge in preparing the “Inventory”. Check with your Television, Internet and Telephone service provider, as well as with the Electricity, Water and Gas companies that the respective supplies will be cut off on the date that you indicated to them. Before leaving check that nothing has been left in the bedrooms or in the wardrobes. Keep copies of all the documents related with the move and check that Galamas has the correct address of your new residence as well as your contact.

Day of the Delivery

As soon as you arrive in the city of your new residence, telephone Galamas’ agent and give him your address and telephone number to be able to contact you about the delivery.

Be present during the delivery of your goods and indicate to our employees where they should place the furniture.

Check that you have water, electricity and gas, and that the television, internet and telephone services are working and check that the contracts are in order.

Check the state of your goods after they have been unpacked. If there is any damage or if something is missing, note it in the “Service Quality Report” (indicate the number of the package that is in the inventory) so that Galamas can give you the necessary assistance