In 1934, in Rua da Vitória in Lisbon, Alberto Augusto Esteves started work in Galamas, a company dedicated to removals and transportation.

Soon afterwards it would become a benchmark in the national and international market until today.

Always in the family, this is already the third generation to head up the company, maintaining the values of entrepreneurship, professionalism and, above all, dedication.

Since it started operating, Galamas has stood out due to its strategic vision of investment and evolution, accompanying the market and the specific needs of its customers, thinking ahead with innovative and efficient removals and transport solutions.

Since the distant 1930s the world has not stopped changing. And Galamas is now part of history and of many “moving” stories.

By land, air or sea, our company guarantees the safety and competence of its Goods Packing, Transportation and Warehousing services.

Therefore, there are many Private Individuals, Companies / Multinationals, Embassies, Institutions and Public Bodies, among so many other institutions, that trust in our services.

With international coverage and a network of prestigious agents throughout the world, the certifications that we have earned testify to the work and competence of our human resources and logistics.

Because to change is to evolve, the transportation company Galamas of Rua da Vitória nº 10, is now located 18 km from the capital in a total area of around 15,000 m² with different office and storage spaces.

It is here that we are prepared for all the changes that the future has in store for us. Including yours.

This year, thanks to the “quality and risk of our performance”, APMEI, the Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, attributes to us the distinction PME Leader 2017.  This certificate is a form of this public institute, impartial and accredited, recognize the success of our professional strategy and value our contribution to the development of the national economy.