Our journey has taken Galamas from being not only a national but also an international removals and transport firm.

International removals is one of Galamas’ specialist sectors, in which we have accumulated experience since 1934.

Much has changed since then. During these 80 years, we have perfected procedures, detected the most effective routes according to the destination and we have created partnerships all around the world through the largest and most recognised international removals organization.

Associated to its excellent work, Galamas has invested in a team that is highly specialised in international removals and which accompanies the process very closely and professionally.

We perform international removals competently and safely, regardless of the destination country. We are responsible for direct contact with agents allocated around the world.

Our International Coverage allows us to reach 5 continents and for each move, we perform all the processes, from packing to unloading and assembly.

Our transportation services are preceded by a consultancy service, where we define the most appropriate routes and means, taking into account the load, expected timings and budget.

Our fleet adapts to the needs of each transportation.

We continually invest in resources that allow us to provide an excellent service to our customers. In this way, our bonded warehouse enables us to keep the whole load in the same place, in total safety, facilitating customs’ clearance before the shipping of goods.

We also have a reputable insurance company as a business partner, with which we enjoy a relationship of total trust and transparency.