Galamas is a thorough company and, as such, if follows detailed procedures relating to the wrapping and respective packing of all goods and furniture involved in the move.

We guarantee the safety and preservation of all customers’ goods.

We identify and adapt specific packing materials to each type of contents: cardboard boxes for crockery, books, pictures and wardrobes for hanging clothes, paper with bubble wrap, wooden lattices, thereby providing the correct protection for each type of object.

Wrapping and packaging is performed according to size, shape and fragility.

On the day booked for the move, Galamas’ team arrives at the location and carefully packs your goods: glass objects, porcelain, books, pictures, works of art, decorative objects, furniture, clothes, household appliances, computers, office material, among others.

During the packing process, the packages that will be shipped abroad or go into storage are duly identified using labels, avoiding the risk of loss or theft.

An inventory is drawn up with a description of the goods packed. For greater safety another inventory is prepared for high value packages.

To facilitate access to the address, whenever this is made difficult whether due to the height of the building or possibly being unable to fit the packages into the lifts, an outdoor lift is used that can reach the 12th floor.

As soon as your belongings are properly packed and the means of transport is defined (land, air or sea) they are placed in a container or truck that will be closed in your presence.

The team coordinator will then give you a copy of the inventory with a description of all the goods packed ready to be transported to the destination, where they will arrive in the best conditions.