In recent years, the development of companies has required them to need more space for the filing of documentation acquired over time. However, increasing the size of one’s installations can prove to be too expensive for most companies.

Thus there is a need for a documentation storage solution outside of the companies’ own installations, freeing space and human resources in a cost-effective way.

Galamas provides its corporate customers with this solution – SAFE ARCHIVE / SAFE DATA – an advantageous system in terms of costs and benefits.

The system consists in the safe storage, management and preservation of documents, in functional spaces appropriate to each customer’s needs. A warehousing contract is signed to safeguard the conditions of keeping the archives.



  • computerised control of the entry and departure of documents;
  • placement of documents in duly identified cardboard boxes, stored in sealed wooden boxes – guarantee of inviolability;
  • delivery of documents requested in 24 hours;
  • ease of consultation, digitalization and sending of the documents;
  • guarantee of confidentiality;
  • destruction of documents whenever requested;
  • insurance against theft, fire, flood, etc.;
  • ideal climatic conditions and pest control (disinfestation);
  • permanent guard – 24 hours.