Galamas - environment

It is fundamental: “No Waste and No Pollution”.

Galamas, through all of its staff, is responsible for reducing waste and pollution, in the office, in its warehouses and in the workshop.

There are a number of practices to consider for protecting the environment:

  • Encourage customers to use used cardboard boxes in their removals;
  • Use recycled paper and packing materials and avoid their waste;
  • Separate packing materials to facilitate recycling;
  • Separate and recycle printer cartridges, batteries, etc…;
  • Control air conditioning devices through thermostats;
  • Switch off lights when they are not needed;
  • Use electronic means of communication to avoid wasting paper;
  • Separate and store used oils, for subsequent delivery to a company qualified for their recycling.

These are the bases for Galamas to continuously help to protect the environment.

For your Health, protect the Environment!